It’s Columbus Day! Get Ready for the Discounts!

Amazing Columbus Day Deals and Sales on Medications!!!

You get reasonable deals on many products from our site (Norxguru) on the Columbus Day Sale.

Columbus Day Sale is an outstanding opportunity to grab some early deals before the Black Friday shopping season.

Why do we celebrate Columbus Day?

In America, once a year, people remember the arrival of Sir Christopher Columbus to their land on October 12, 1492, which most people celebrate as Columbus Day or Indigenous Peoples’ Day. Most people know Christopher Columbus as an Italian explorer who stumbled upon America. In some areas, it is a public holiday, but it’s just a normal working day in some places. 

Some people Celebrate the Day with church service and doing other various activities.

This year Columbus day is on October 11, as it falls on the second Monday of October yearly. 

$30 Off On All Medical Products 

Columbus may have discovered America. Now it’s our chance to help you discover the best sales on medication on the occasion of Columbus day. Though this Day is not as big as other vacations like Christmas and New Year, you will get the best sales online right now and through the weekend from our medical store. 

Everybody knows about Black Friday Sales, but a few learn exactly how fabulous Columbus Day sales can be. 

Not only can you get a Sale on Electronics, Clothing, and shoes but also on prescription medication this Columbus Day for the whole weekend. We will see some special savings starting this Wednesday, October 6, lasting until midnight on October 30. 

Xanax Medication Deals

If Xanax medication is what you need, the Columbus Day sales you don’t want to miss are that you’ll get $30 off on every Xanax Product. Buy Xanax online during a holiday week and save huge. Also, check our Xanax products deals.

Ativan Medication Deals

When is Ativan not having an amazing sale? Well, this week will be no exception. Luckily, this holiday season, you can get an amazing $30 off on Ativan medication. Get more deals and offers on Anti-anxiety medications on Columbus Day. 

Fioricet Medication Deals

You can get $30 off on Fioricet on the occasion of Columbus Day. Buy Fioricet Online is a medication needed for people with tension headaches. Now relieve half of your headache just by checking our deals on Fioricet.

Ambien Medication Deals

Doctors prescribe Ambien to people for a few weeks as this may put you on a tight budget. But worry not and take an extra $30 off on Ambien medication which helps you sleep peacefully. After knowing the deal on the medication, just place the order before it expires.

Adderall Medication Deals

Buy Adderall Online is definitely one of the things on the prescription list of people with ADHD. Take up to $30 off on Adderall with the Columbus Day Sale, and you may not get this amazing offer again for the whole next month until the Black Friday sale.

Valium Medication Deals

Columbus Day sale is a great time to save up to $30 off on Valium Medication. Sang best deals on this medication and refilled your medication. Order this medication now and get your whole month tension-free.

Alprazolam Medication Deals

Do you want to get a good discount? You can get most Benzodiazepines at a discount this week. Be anxiety-free with the amazing Columbus Day Sale of Alprazolam and get $30 off on it.

Hurry, this offer on medication is for a limited time. 


Columbus Day is a great opportunity to score a deep discount on your prescription. Most people don’t miss the opportunity to get the most significant price cuts during the week of Columbus Day. Check our other prescription and non-prescription products to get exciting deals.


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